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http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=otchacha Tangram video response for Christy. If you haven't checked her out, do it now. The music is: The Air is Getting ...

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Tangerine Dream - Tangram

0:00:00 - Set One [19.52] 0:19:52 - Set Two [20.27] 1980 Polygon Studios (Berlin) Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling In 1979 Edgar Froese met J...

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What Is a Tangram Puzzle?

A Tangram is a geometric puzzle which originated in China, and is made from three basic geometric shapes. Tangrams are used to teach geometric rules and can ...

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construção do tangram

como construir o tangram com o papel sulfite.

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Tangram on Music

John Moore's animated chinese puzzle game Tangram, Animacion del rompecabezas chino Tangram. Un demo de creatividad de soluciones infinitas. Infinite solucit...

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A Sage's Journey: The Story of Tangrams

A Sage's Journey - The Story of Tangrams! A children's book about the origin of tangrams. A great introduction to tangrams! New! MathMaverick Puzzle Blog, ne...

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How to Make A Set of Tangrams


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Tangram - Seven Pieces Many Faces | English | Evergreen Puzzle

The Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle – invented thousands of years ago. It is made by cutting seven pieces from a square. There are two big triangles, tw...

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Tangram Wooden Puzzle Solving (Part 1) for ASMR and Relaxation

This is a wooden puzzle called a tangram which requires solving a silhouette using 7 geometrically shaped puzzles pieces called tans. In this video I whisper...

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Judy teaches Amber and Max to make a tangram picture with the help of different geometrical shapes. This is a product of Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd., an educat...

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How to Make Tangram Puzzle || KIN PARENTS

Need the supplies for this project? Get them here: http://rdy.cr/9d9626 Get more KIN PARENTS tips & advice: http://bit.ly/KinParents Do you remember playing ...

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A história do Tangram

A história do Tangram contada de uma maneira lúdica, envolvendo as disciplinas de Matemática e Português. Trabalho elaborado para a disciplina "Didática para...

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Figuras con Tangram


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A lenda do Tangram

Animação criada pelos alunos do 2º Ano - Ciclo I com lendas estrangeiras.

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Tangram By Folding

This shows how to make a tangram by folding a sheet of paper. This video uses Tabula by Numeracy Works, http://numeracyworks.com.

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Tangram - As Belezas do Mundo

Uma adaptação da história da origem do Tangran.

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The Fox Fairy- A Tangram Tale

The fox fairy sees a handsome fox and decides to impress him with her talent of turning into other forms.

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Tangram Fury Animals


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Sugestões de atividades com Tangram

Vídeo criado para auxiliar professoras do CEF 07 de Planaltina (DF) no trabalho com o Tangram...

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stefan sing & cristiana casadio - "tangram - long version"

"tangram" explores the borderlines between juggling and dance, circus and theater, passion and soberness. Cristiana and Stefan illustrate the highs and lows ...

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The Story of the Tangram

Educational slideshow using tangram illustrations tells the story of the accidental invention of the tangram. Designed for elementary aged children. Clever e...

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O - Tangram EP

Tracks: 00:00 : Diente de Oro 03:00 : Tangram 08:40 : Nébeda 13:24 : La Forma Descargalo acá / Download it here: https://oesunabanda.bandcamp.com Aca estamos...

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construcción del proyecto de tecnología tangram con las técnicas de marquetería, unión con cola y bisagras y estructuras de varillas de madera. Pensado para ...

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Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram - Temjin

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm not very good at this game because I started playing it like... a couple of weeks ago, and I even lost twice, unfortunately today I di...

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The Tangram Gang in The Missing Square

The Tangram Gang, Big T, Mr T, Middie, Teeny, Tiny, SQ and Slantz, in their first adventure - The Missing Square. An original story and animated short by the...

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Totally Tangram

tangran puzzle shapes props - created at http://goanimate.com/

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Subtração com Tangram

Video aula proposta na disciplina de didática em laboratório de educação matemática, usando o Tangram.

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Tangram: Conheça e Aprenda

Tangram através de Dobradura.

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tangram origami

Puedes conocer mas de nuestro trabajo en: http://origamiymatematicas.blogspot.com/

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Tangram's Lift System

Give your office space a fresh new look overnight with the Tangram Lift System. Remove your existing flooring and replace it with brand new carpeting with mi...

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A Magia do Tangram

Este vídeo mostra a construção do tangram por dobradura, algumas curiosidades e figuras construídas a partir dele.

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Razonamiento Geometrico Problema 112 - Tangram

http://admision-udea.blogspot.com/ Problema resuelto de Razonamiento Geométrico. Nivel básico.

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